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      Real, live shares in your name or as a gift
Give stocks as gifts!  Give Harley Davidson Stock Certificate as a Gift 
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 Give stocks as gifts!





    We offer live (real, active) stock certificates from a large list of U.S. companies.  
    You get documented ownership in the company of your choice while enjoying the framed financial art in your home or office.    Stocks can come framed and matted, with an optional custom plaque. 
    Look like a tycoon and savvy investor for a great low price with a stock share on your wall.  Stocks make great gifts for any occasion - birthdays, holidays, company events, retirement, graduation.  


    Click on the stock certificate pictures and links for your next stock certificate gift.  Surprise your boss, children, neighbor, spouse, grandchildren, or co-worker with a share of stock from their favorite company.  Unique gift idea! 




    Walt Disney stock certificate

    Coca-Cola stock certificate 

    DreamWorks Animation stock certificate - Shrek


    Harley-Davidson stock certificate




       Entertainment One of our most popular categories with Disney, DreamWorks, and Martha Stewart.
       Internet Surf the internet stocks like Google, eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo.
    Fashion Shop the Gap, Abercrombie, Saks, Tiffany, Polo, and other fashion stocks.
    Manufacturing Well-known names of industry:  BP, Caterpillar, Deere, Exxon, General Electric.
      Sports Sports & shoes - Nike, Under Armour, Callaway Golf, and Churchill Downs are featured.
      Technology Great computer stocks like Dell, AMD, IBM, and Microsoft.
      Financial Money stocks:  AIG, Berkshire Hathaway,  and Wells Fargo.
      Food & Drink Eat, drink, and invest in Campbell Soup, Kellogg, Pepsi, Starbucks, and Hershey.
      Dining McDonald's, Denny's, Papa Johns Pizza, and Chipotle are mouthwatering stocks.
      Travel Take a trip and enjoy Disney, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Southwest Airlines certificates.
      Transportation Automotive stocks highlight this theme with Ford, Honda, Nissan, and Volkswagen.
      Gaming Take a gamble and check out MGM Mirage and Wynn Resorts stock certificates
      Retail & Consumer Famous retail names like Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Kohl's, PetsMart, and Pier One.


    We offer
    over 150 company stock certificates from all industries.  Gift options include framing, matting, and custom engraved plaques.  You can order a stock in anyone's name in minutes.  They become a real shareholder with annual reports, voting rights, and even dividends in some cases.  Share certificates come with documented ownership and the registrant name on the front of the stock certificate.

    Stocks are great gift ideas for your boss, co-workers, children, grandchildren, husband, wife, or yourself.  We have stocks for men or women.  Any occasion - anniversaries, retirement, birthdays, holidays, thank you, good news, parties, whenever.  A stock certificate is a gift that will be an appreciated surprise for any event. 
    A certificate gift is better than a gift certificate!

    Ford Motor Co.

    Ford motor Company stock certificate 
    Anheuser-Busch Inbev

     Anheuser-Busch Inbev stock certificate
    Tiffany & Co.

    Tiffany & Co. stock certificate 

     Starbucks coffee stock certificate

    Wal-Mart stock certificate

    Featured stock certificate


    DreamWorks Animation stock certificate - Shrek


    The DreamWorks Stock Certificate features the head of Shrek - its most beloved character - in full color! The company's logo is also displayed amidst a blue sky and dreamlike clouds. Perfect gift for your children or grandchildren.


    Owning DreamWorks Stock is owning a piece of Hollywood history. Formed in 1994 by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, DreamWorks Animation develops computer-generated animated feature films.


    A number of highly successful movies fill its resume, including Academy Award winner Shrek, Shrek 2, Antz, and Shark Tale. Future projects include Madagascar and Shrek 3!



    Great for any child's room. 

    These are real shares of stock in your name or the name of a loved one (or even your boss).  You get full ownership in a single share of stock from the company of your choice.  Many shares pay dividends so your purchase grows with time, even from one share.


    Collecting stock certificates (the hobby of scripophily) has grown enormously in the past decade as electronic trading eliminates their use.   While certificates were not treasured as financial art in the past, stock certificate scarcity has made many people appreciate their beauty and interest.  The Disney stock certificate is our most popular but we have stocks from all industries and interests.  Cover your wall in real stock certificates!


    Stock certificate collecting is fun, educational, and historically interesting.  Please take some time to browse our catalog of stocks.  Issue a share to yourself or as a gift to someone.  A stock certificate gift is unique and can last a lifetime.  Stocks make great gift for any occasion.  A certificate gift is better than a gift certificate.


    Please note that we do not offer any investment advice or promote investing in any stock.  Our intent is to show the pieces and refer to an authorized point of sale from a registered securities dealer.  These are not purely collectibles due to actual share ownership in the companies represented.  Certificates and ownership will be issued in the name selected (self or gift). The pieces shown are financial art sold through an authorized broker (One Share) at  See for questions on stock transfer rules.


    We also offer purely collectible certificates (old and obsolete) at our sister site, .  Collect wonderful historic and financial art from many industries and past companies.  Fantastic Wall Street collectibles.  Featured on CNBC and other cool site articles.



    McDonald's stock certificate 
    Jack in the Box

     Jack in the Box stock certificate

    Build-A-Bear stock certificate 
    Altria Group

     Altria Group stock certificate - tobacco

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